Contact List

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Jon Enos

Operations Manager

Jamie Aguiar

Human Resources

Joanne Freitas

Director of Purchasing

Jeremy Walsh

New Bedford Store Manager

Diane Desrosiers

Wound Care Manager

Anita Hall

Director of Patient Relations

Tammi Vuolo

Billing Manager

Doreen Mendes-Santos

Clinical Manager

Melissa Vuolo

Sales Representative

(Physician, Hospital, & Sleep Lab Specialist)

Nathan Calouro

Sales Representative

(Hospice & Nursing Home Specialist)

Bobbi Garvey

Sales Representative

(Absorbent and Wound Care Specialist)

Kyle Dawson

Repair Supervisor

Charlie Mitchell

Warehouse Supervisor

Jay Wagner 

Route Supervisor

Michael Salvador

Route Supervisor

James Pederson

Healthy Baby Essentials

Rachael Munsell