Hospice Services

Recognizing that Hospice is an area of Health Care that requires providers with special skills and commitment is why we have taken this service to a higher level. Having staff with expertise in Hospice Care and Service allows us to better serve this population. All Enos staff receive education and training in Hospice and Hospice service. Understanding the issues that Hospice patients and their families are dealing with allows our team to provide the care and compassion they deserve. Our Hospice equipment package allows Hospice staff to obtain as much equipment as their patients need, at a low per diem rate.

Our equipment is used within the patients own home to provide comfort, convenience and familiarity during this difficult transitional time.

Enos Home Medical Has A Vast Inventory for All Your Hospice Needs

Enos Home Medical is a leading provider of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies to Hospice patients. At Enos, we understand the unique needs of our clients dealing with a serious and life-limiting illness.

After years of service to hospice patients, we have added Hospice Specialists to our team to ensure that our hospice patients receive the absolute best care. Our hospice specialists are here to answer any questions you may have whether it is about basic care, or more specific hospice services.

All of our staff is our staff has a strong understanding of and commitment to the Hospice Philosophy which enables us to so we can help every hospice provider to promote comfort, dignity, and quality of life for all hospice patients.

To speak with a hospice specialist, or get information and support for hospice providers, call Enos Home Medical today!