Diabetic Shoe Clinic

Shoes and custom inserts are usually covered by most insurance plans with a diagnosis of diabetes. During a Diabetic Shoe Clinic, patients must present a valid insurance card and physician’s information.

Fittings will be performed by a certified fitter.

Medicare Requires:

  • Primary diagnosis of Diabetes
  • Secondary Diagnosis
    1. Neuropathy
    2. Corns and Callous’
    3. Poor Circulation
    4. Foot Ulceration
    5. Foot Amputation
    6. Foot Deformity
  • Chart Notes within the past 6 Months stating the need for diabetic shoes and inserts due to diabetes and secondary diagnosis.
  • Order must be prescribed by a MD or DO.

Senior Whole Health:

  1. Prescription or CMN with primary and secondary diagnosis
  2. Physician’s therapeutic form
  3. Order must be prescribed by a MD or DO

All other insurances require Prescription or CMN:

  1. Fallon
  2. BMC
  3. Tufts
  4. BC/BS
  5. Harvard Pilgram
  6. Neighborhood Health

We are not able to bill MA Health as a primary insurance.

One pair of shoes and three pair of inserts are covered per year

For more information call 1-800-473-4669. .