Covid 19 updates

Since the onset of the pandemic we have added :

  • Mask requirements of all employees
  • Temperature scans of employees at shift commencement
  • Daily disinfection Fumigation of all vehicles
  • UV lighting for sterilization of equipment
  • Antimicrobial touchpoint protection installer
  • Work from home options for some employees
  • Social distance markers installed throughout office and warehouse
  • No contact deliveries when possible
  • Front door deliveries offered when education is required
  • Increased criteria for PPE protocol
  • Increased deep cleaning schedules of buildings
  • Created new covid related Equipment quarantine areas
  • Keyless entry to building for employees
  • Reduced showroom times as well as requiring appointments
  • Encouraged employee self-quarantine
  • Provided access to testing for employees
  • Screening employees prior to work for Covid-19 symptoms and exposures.
  • Screening patient residences for Covid-19 Symptoms prior to delivery, pickup, or exchange of equipment.
  • Telehealth equipment instruction, training, and troubleshooting where possible.
  • Social Distance instructing, training, and troubleshooting where possible.
  • Waiving signature requirements where possible and using E-signature when required.
  • Plexiglass installed throughout building and vehicles

And Much More:

We have acted with an abundance of caution to protect everyone, and in the ever-changing environment will continue to do so. If you have questions or suggestions on other ways to improve our protocol please feel free to contact us

Call for more information  1-800-473-4669.