Residential Group Home Services

At Enos Home Medical we carry only the highest quality products which also meet mandated state requirements. We understand that working with Residential Homes, Managers and the Individuals that reside within them takes a special type of customer service along with a great product. At Enos Home Medical we have created an entire department dedicated to group home services. We also now have TOUCH-LESS SIGN UP AVAILABLE to ensure even with Covid-19 procedures in place you’re able to sign up new individuals for our products. It’s as simple as scanning, emailing or faxing your individuals Emergency Fact Sheet to us and we take it from there! No more need for an in home visit unless you request it. Whether the needs be for incontinence, thicket or the plethora of other medical items that may be necessary we are here to provide services and answers quickly. By choosing Enos as your group home provider you not only have access to our customer service specialist but also retain the expertise of a dedicated representative for your agencies homes.

Our representatives specialize in:

  • Incontinence Supplies
  • Urological Supplies
  • Additional Medical Supplies

Our designated representative has over 20 years of experience working within Residential homes. Our goal is to answer all questions and provide customer service at a moment’s notice. We know the fast-paced needs of your programs and want to be a part of their success with regards to medical needs.

We offer same day, local delivery if placed before 10 a.m., next day to neighboring towns and counties.

For immediate service and inquiries 1-800-473-4669